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A wise man once said: “There’s a gap between what people know, and what people want to know…”

We are here to bridge that gap!

NAIEF is your go-to source for information and your gateway for discovering Luxembourg.

We help you fit right in and feel at home in Luxembourg by answering your questions, getting you information, connecting you to people and telling you about activities and events.

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I attended some of the language exchange coffee meetings that NAIEF set up. I cannot say I am pro in Luxembourgish but I can say ‘Villmols merci’


Wondering what to do on the weekend with your little ones? NAIEF got you covered. I’ve found out about this great website that sends me free weekly lists what to do with my kids in Luxembourg – called whatsonforkids.lu

Melissa F

Thank you so much for organizing the events at the Grand Theatre. I’ve visited a number of receptions and performances and I am now a regular!


With a busy calendar of events, NAIEF helps me connect with people, keeping my life social.


NAIEF members are an excellent source of information about life in Luxembourg. Every time I have questions about settling in or living here, I always get great answers!


Musical activities, creative clubs, team sports — you name it, NAIEF has it. There is always something happening at NAIEF!

D. M.
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