Hello, how’s it going? Welcome to NAIEF!

If you work for an European Institution,
or your spouse/partner works for an European Institution.

Or if you find yourself asking:

How do I spend my time here in Luxembourg?
Where do I find like-minded people?
How do I fit it?

Then you belong with NAIEF!

What is NAIEF?

NAIEF is a thriving (and fast growing) community of EU Institutions Employees and their Families.

NAIEF aim is to support its members integrate, adapt and feel at home in Luxembourg.

We do this by helping you find information, meet people, discover activities, join events and overall — socialize. By joining NAIEF you become a part of a one-of-a-kind support network which is always there when you need it.


NAIEF partners with EU Institutions based in Luxembourg and their welcoming committees to help facilitate transition and integration of their new employees and their families to Luxembourg.

NAIEF aims to facilitate activities in various areas of interests where members will connect to each other through participation. We would like to give our members the opportunity of continuing with what they liked doing before they moved to Luxembourg. We would like to help you find and connect with people with similar interest.

Our approach is different — we have developed it over the past few years, and it has helped hundreds of people.

We use the perfect blend of building a support community, effective event management, social and business networking, targeted communication, shared knowledge dissemination, etc. to do one thing – help you feel that you belong.

Come see for yourself — join us at our next event!


Join Our Community

It is really easy to join NAIEF.

The only requirement is that you or your spouse work for an EU institution. The location is irrelevant – it could be in Luxembourg, Brussels, Strasbourg, anywhere.

To begin, fill out the form below.